Lattepanda (Window 10 PC)

lattepanda window 10 pc

Lattepanda is a most powerfull device which runs on window 10 with fully licenced and also with all features. Lattepanda board have USB, memory slot, wifi, blutooth, intel processor, HDMI Port, ethernet port and also have a dedicated Arduino which manged or programmed by the operating system.

It is also called a mini personal computer which almost using for all type of work that we do in a normal computer.

By using this computer (lattepanda) we can do everything like learning, playing game, video editing, office work, coding, programming and also for entertainment purpose like watching movies, videos or listening songs.


Features of latepanda

Specification of lattepanda

Note :- Lattepanda required 5V/2A power supply with a quality USB cable.

Lattepanda pinout


Area U1 are assigned to X-Z8300 and that moment, no information is available.

Area U2 are assigned to ATmega32u4 core. Each of 20 pins (A0 - A5, DO - D13) in area U2 used as an output and input and each pins operate at 5 volts. each pin need 40 mA for input or output.

Note :- More than 40mA on any input or output pin may damage to the ATmega32u4 permanently.

Special functions of some pins :-

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These computer is cheapest among all.Due to cost effective it can be very usefull for those who never think or never afford expensive computer or laptop.

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