Introduction to laravel 8

AuthorHariom Prajapati

Pubish Date24 Jul 2022


Laravel is an open-source framework of PHP.

Laravel is easy to understand.

If you have knowledge of core PHP and Advanced PHP then  Laravel is very easier to learn.

It saves a lot of time to develop a website from scratch.

The website build in Laravel is more secure and prevent your website from web attack.

Laravel follow MVC artitechture.

MVC stands for Model, View, Controller.

It is an architectural pattern.

MVC divides software application into three parts -

  • Model
  • View
  • Controller


mvc model laravel


Model -

  • interact with database
  • Executes business logic 

View -

  • What user see on the screen
  • Generate UI for the user

Controller -

  • Take user input (request parameters)
  • Interacts with model and view


Advantage of laravel

Laravel provides you many advantages to designing a web application on it.
1 The web application becomes more scalable, owing to the Laravel framework.
2 Many important times saved in designing the web application.
3 Laravel reuses the components from other framework in developing web application.
4 It includes namespaces and interfaces, thus helps to organize and manage resourses.



It is a tool in PHP which include dependencies and libraries.

Composer allows user to create projects with respect to the mentioned framework.

We can installed third party libraries with the help of composer.

All the dependencies in composer are written in composer.json file which placed inside source folder.



Artisan is a command line interface which used in laravel.

Set of commands included in artisan to assists in building a web application.