What is Vue.set in Vue JS

AuthorSumit Dey Sarkar

Pubish Date09 Mar 2024

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In this tutorial, we will learn what is Vue.set in Vue JS.

What is Vue.set in Vue JS

In Vue.js, Vue.set is a method used to add new reactive properties to an object. It ensures that the new property is made reactive, meaning changes to that property will trigger updates in the user interface. This is important because Vue.js relies on reactivity to efficiently update the DOM.

Here's an example of how to use Vue.set:

// Assuming 'vm' is your Vue instance
Vue.set(vm.someObject, 'newProperty', 'someValue');

In this example, vm.someObject is an object in your Vue instance, and newProperty is the name of the property you want to add. The value 'someValue' is the initial value for this new property. Using Vue.set is necessary when adding new properties to an object in Vue.js, as it ensures that Vue.js is aware of the change and can react accordingly.

This helps keep the application reactivity, which is very helpful when working with reactive data structures in Vue.js.

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