Road Map for Web Development 2023

AuthorHariom Prajapati

Pubish Date18 Jun 2022


If you want to learn web development and you don’t know how to and from where start this, so read this tutorial.

Before start learning web development, we need to know what is web development. 


Road map for web development


What is web development

In web development we create web pages or websites. We use web browsers (internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox,chrome, opera etc) to view web pages. Web development is divided into two parts:-

  • front end development
  • back end development

Both front end and back end development are different from each other. If you think to learn any one then you can do very good jobs with good salary. Now discuss one by one.


Front end development

When designing a web page, the coding that we need to do to show the same on the browser is front end development, and those who do coding is known as front end developer, which is also sometimes known as 'client side developer'. Now we see one by one skills that front end developer needs to create web pages. 


Skill need for front-end development

The most basic skills for front end development is -

  • HTML (Hyper text markup language)
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) 
  • JavaScript

Without these three skill you never create any web page. If you have not learned anything before, then start from html, after learning html, you should learn css and then javascript. You can learn all this at

If you have learned html, css and javascript then you can create a web page. If you create at many web pages, you will get a lot of help from them and you will also get to learn many new things which you will not be able to learn from anywhere else.

After doing so much, you will find that you are taking a lot of time to making a simple web page, but do not worry , in the market you will find library, using which we can create a very good web page. Lets see some useful libraries and frameworks.



bootstrap is an open source css library and also with its help we can also make javascript work. But with this we can not do all work of javascript. Being open source, everyone can use it for free. We do not need to pay any cost for this. you can learn bootstrap on its official website or from



Jquery is the popular library of javascript. It has extensions and plugin built into javascript. By using jQuery we can save lot of time and code.

jQuery help you to create search forum autocomplete, countdown timers, resizing grid laylouts and many more. you can visit its official website to learn it.


React JS

React JS is a most popular frame work of javascript. Which created by the developers of Facebook. Which is a frame-based frame work. They have a many popular frame work (angular, backbone, ReactJS,vur,ember,) of javascript. Whose work is different. Normally most of our work will be done by ReactJS. We can learn it from

After learning all these things, you can doing the job of front-end developer with very good salary. Now talk about back end development.


Back end development

In the above we talking about front end development. Now we will see back end development. We try to understand this with an example. You planned to build a new house, you will first get the house designed, then get the construction done, but till now your house will be only complete to see from outside, it still has a lot of work to do like light connection, water connection and more. Similarly, you have created a web page but it has not been completed yet. We use the database to display our dynamics data in our website. Server side language use to take details of forums filled by clients.


Skill need for back end development


A database is a collection of data. Which we can easily show in our web page. There are many types of database, we use relational database management system in our website. In the market there are many companies that provide relational database management. Such as MariaDB, Db2 Expss-C, SQLite, CUBRID, Oracle Database, PostgreSQL, SQL Server Expss, MySQL. I recommend you to learn MySQL because it is very easy to learn and it is open source, which we do not need any cost to use it. 


Server side scripting language

Server side scripting language works on web server. We use it to show database data in our web page, to collect the details of the forum filled by the clients. There are many server side scripting language in the market including PHP, ASP.NET ( Node.js), Java, Python,perl and Ruby. we can learn any language from these. I recommend you to learn PHP because it is very easy to learn.

After learning all these, you will perfect for back end development and also get good job.

Note :- if you learn back-end development and front-end development then you called as a full stack web developer.

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