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How to Implement Doubly Linked List in Python

writter  Sumit Dey Sarkar
Date  16 Jun 2023
Language  Python
How to Implement Doubly Linked List in Python

How to Implement Doubly Linked List in Python

In this tutorial, we will learn how to implement a doubly linked list in Python.


Doubly Linked List in Python


Implementation of doubly linked list in Python

In the below example we will implementing a doubly linked list in Python:

class Node:
    def __init__(self, data): = data
        self.prev = None = None

class DoublyLinkedList:
    def __init__(self):
        self.head = None

    def append(self, data):
        new_node = Node(data)

        if self.head is None:
            self.head = new_node
            current = self.head
                current =
   = new_node
            new_node.prev = current

    def prepend(self, data):
        new_node = Node(data)

        if self.head is None:
            self.head = new_node
   = self.head
            self.head.prev = new_node
            self.head = new_node

    def delete(self, data):
        current = self.head

        while current:
            if == data:
                if current.prev:
                    self.head =

           = current.prev

            current =

    def display(self):
        current = self.head
        while current:
            print(, end=" ")
            current =

# Example usage
dll = DoublyLinkedList()

This implementation consists of two classes: Node and DoublyLinkedList. The DoublyLinkedList class represents the complete list, but the Node class only represents a single node in the doubly linked list.


The Node class includes three attributes: data, prev, and next, which are used to keep references to the previous and following nodes, respectively.


The DoublyLinkedList class has a single attribute head, which represents the first node in the list. The class offers the following methods for operations on a doubly linked list:


  1. append(data): Appends a new node with the given data at the end of the list.
  2. prepend(data): Inserts a new node with the given data at the beginning of the list.
  3. delete(data): Removes the first occurrence of a node with the given data from the list.
  4. display(): Displays the elements of the list.

In the example usage, we create a DoublyLinkedList object, append some nodes, prepend a node, delete a node, and finally display the elements of the list. The output will be: 4 1 3.

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