Simplifying Laravel Application Deployment with Forge | Overview of Forge Laravel

AuthorSumit Dey Sarkar

Pubish Date03 Jun 2023


In this tutorial, we will see overview of Forge Laravel.


Simplifying Laravel Application Deployment with Forge


Forge Laravel

Built on the Laravel framework, Forge is a cloud-based platform which simplifies website deployment and management for developers. Laravel is a well-liked PHP framework for creating websites. Forge Laravel refers to the integration between Laravel and the Forge platform.


Forge makes it easy to deploy and manage Laravel apps in the cloud, whether they are on Amazon Web Services (AWS), DigitalOcean, or another service. Server and database configuration, as well as application deployment management, are just some of the manual processes that are eliminated.


Forge Laravel simplifies the process of deploying and maintaining a Laravel application by helping developers simply provide servers, adjust PHP versions, install dependencies, set up SSL certificates, manage databases, and more.Forge can be used with either a graphical user interface (GUI) or a command line interface (CLI).


Some of the key features provided by Forge Laravel include:


1) Server Provisioning:

Forge makes it easy to provision cloud servers with the required specifications and infrastructure settings.


2) Application Deployment:

It provides automated deployment workflows for pushing your Laravel code to the server and setting up the necessary configurations.


3) SSL Certificate Management:

Forge simplifies the process of acquiring and managing SSL certificates for secure HTTPS communication.


4) Database Management:

Forge supports popular database systems like MySQL and PostgreSQL, allowing you to easily create, configure, and manage databases.


5) Queue Workers and Job Scheduling:

It helps with setting up and managing queue workers and job scheduling for background processing in Laravel applications.


6) Server Monitoring:

Forge provides basic server monitoring capabilities to keep track of server performance and resource usage.


By using Forge Laravel, developers can focus more on developing their applications rather than dealing with server management tasks. It simplifies deploying and managing Laravel apps in a production environment by abstracting away the intricacies of server setup and maintenance.


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