How to Login with Twitter in Laravel

AuthorSumit Dey Sarkar

Pubish Date22 Mar 2023


In this tutorial we will learn how to login with twitter in laravel.


How to login with twitter in laravel

To allow users to login with their Twitter accounts in your Laravel application, you can follow these steps:



Step 1 - Create a new Twitter app: Go to the Twitter Developers website and create a new app. This will give you access to the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret needed for authentication.


Step 2 - Install the Twitter API client: Laravel includes a Twitter API client that can be installed via Composer. Run the following command in your terminal:

composer require abraham/twitteroauth

Step 3 - Configure the API credentials: In your Laravel application, create a new file named .env if it doesn't exist already. Add the following lines to the file, replacing YOUR_CONSUMER_KEY and YOUR_CONSUMER_SECRET with the values from your Twitter app



Step 4 - Create the Twitter login route: In your routes/web.php file, add a new route to handle the Twitter login:

Route::get('/login/twitter', 'Auth\LoginController@redirectToTwitter');
Route::get('/login/twitter/callback', 'Auth\LoginController@handleTwitterCallback');


Step 5 - Implement the login logic: In your Auth\LoginController class, add the following methods to handle the Twitter login and callback:

use Abraham\TwitterOAuth\TwitterOAuth;

class LoginController extends Controller
    // ...

    public function redirectToTwitter()
        $twitter = new TwitterOAuth(

        $requestToken = $twitter->oauth('oauth/request_token', [
            'oauth_callback' => url('/login/twitter/callback'),

        session(['oauth_token' => $requestToken['oauth_token']]);
        session(['oauth_token_secret' => $requestToken['oauth_token_secret']]);

        $url = $twitter->url('oauth/authorize', [
            'oauth_token' => $requestToken['oauth_token'],

        return redirect()->away($url);

    public function handleTwitterCallback()
        $oauthToken = session('oauth_token');
        $oauthTokenSecret = session('oauth_token_secret');
        $oauthVerifier = request('oauth_verifier');

        $twitter = new TwitterOAuth(

        $accessToken = $twitter->oauth('oauth/access_token', [
            'oauth_verifier' => $oauthVerifier,

        $user = $twitter->get('account/verify_credentials', [
            'include_email' => 'true',

        // Authenticate the user in your application

    // ...


Step 6 - Authenticate the user: After retrieving the user's information from Twitter, you can authenticate the user in your application using Laravel's authentication system. You can also create a new user in your database if it doesn't exist already.


That's it! Your users can now login with their Twitter accounts in your Laravel application.

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