9 biggest blogging mistakes bloggers make

AuthorHariom Prajapati

Pubish Date29 Jun 2022


In this tutorial you see biggest blogging mistakes bloggers make in blogging.

If you do this type of mistake then you spoil your blogging future.

Now a days blogging became a successful business model in which people work and earn millions of dollars.


Let's see 9 biggest mistakes bloggers make


All most every new bloggers does not select niche (blog in one type of topic) in which they are perfect. If you are not perfect in selected niche then you face difficulty to write article. So don't follow another bloggers and select niche in which you good knowledge.



Most of the bloggers start blogging in wordpress.com or blogger.com with free hosting or domain name like teknowize.wordpress.com, teknowize.blogspot.com but this type of free domain never for longtime because in this type of domain you never get SEO benefits. So, purchase your own domain name and hosting from any hosting or domain name provider like Godaddy , hostinger etc.



All most every beginner go with any hosting provider whose name not in industry. Due to choose wrong hosting your website loading time is long and this is not good for SEO. So, go with premium hosting from Godaddy , Bluehost, hostinger, A2 hosting etc.



In consistency means that you start blogging but not post any article regularly because you start blogging by follow another blogger and you have not any knowledge about topic you choose. So you face difficulty to post article that's why you have to choose the topic in which you have perfect knowledge and then post article regularly for better ranking.



Big mistake of bloggers is that they scan another sites and pick their keywords and they think that using this keywords they increase ranking but this is biggest mistake. So, you need to research and select perfect keyword for get traffics in your website.



We start blogging by follow another bloggers but the quality of writing is not perfect because we do not use proper grammar in any language which is catch by google because google is a algorithm who know all the language. So, write content with good grammar for better ranking.



Most of the beginner bloggers write thin content which means they write content in less than 600 word and due to thin content google does not rank their website because in the same topic another blogger write long content. So, always try to write content in maximum word.



Most of the new blogger write blog for every one means they does not write article on single niche, So always write content on same niche for better traffic on your website.



Most of the bloggers write article regularly but they not active in promoting their website. So, you need to promote your website by paid promotion in google Ads, Facebook promotion etc. If you not able to promote your website by paid promotion due to financial problem then you must need to promote your website by paste your website link to any social media platform like facebook,instagram,pinterest etc.


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