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Pubish Date26 Jun 2022


The concern of how to promote your blog or best way to advertise your blog is a common problem of all bloggers because many bloggers write better content and publish it on their blog but their posts do not show in Google Search Results. Due to which their hard work has no meaning. In such a situation, bloggers are unnecessarily disappointed because bloggers do not get results according to their hard work.

But the thing to understand here is that by writing only good Contents work is not finished because Good Contents is a small part of any Blogs Post, even then Bloggers have to do many such things after posting the content on their blog to rank on google.

Since this information has not been properly disclosed on the Internet, so I have written this post to help our new and old bloggers friends and anyone who wants to blogging, which will help you to Promote your Blog in the right way.

Here I am going to tell you some such tips and strategies that will help you to rank your posts on google. With this, you can also learn a lot of new things, which will be very helpful in moving forward in your Blogging Carrier.

Let's start and follow the below tips to promote your Blog –

Blogging Tips for beginners


Tips no 1

Be helpful

I request to all bloggers and content writers that before writing any article, make sure to ask yourself that whatever new thing you are going to write, can it be useful to anyone in any way, if your answer is yes, then write continue and if not then stop writing such articles because it is not beneficial.


Be unique

Always write unique contents because most people are not much attracted towards the same things. In such a situation, they need something new to study.

If your articles are unique then you can easily attract users attention.


Listen and tell the story

I always listening to the true stories of many people and i also tell them my stories too because sharing true story helps to know each others mistakes and which we do not want to repeat in our life.


Go with trend

You will always have to write content on current trends, you should write a post on those things that currently happening, this will automatically attract people because they will feel that as a blogger you will always be working with the trend.


Tips no 2

Make your contents searchable

If you write very good content but the content not coming on Google search results then it is useless, so make your contact searchable.


Proper keyword research

To get your article on search results, you have to do keyword research in a good way, because if you do not do keyword research properly then it is not so easy to bring them on search results, this is mainly the biggest mistake that every new bloggers have made.


Tips no 3

Make images more attractive

The picture is equal to a thousand words, and human is more attracted to the images.


Create original image

All bloggers use stock photos in blogs because it saves their time. But I believe that,  if you take 15 minutes more but use the original image then it will automatically make your posts look different from others.


Make images more effective with text overlay

Most social media websites pay more attention to the image and most people read the image overlay and click it, which increases the click-through automatically, so make image overlay attractive.


Increase traffic with the help of images

The article not only looks more beautiful by the image, but it also makes the article better to read. If used it properly then lot of traffic can drive from Facebook and Pinterest to your blog.


Invest in content design

Assuming that most people who come to your blog for the first time are so busy due to which they do not have time to read your content. They come to your blog only by being impressed by your content design. So the better your content design is, the more people will visit your blog.


Make visual contents

I believe that if all bloggers make their blog posts visually attractive, then visitors will automatically be drawn towards those content. Everyone can be easily attracted by creative pictures and creative graphic.


Tips no 4

Improve relationship

For any online promotion, it is very important to have a better relationship with the people.


Make contact with real people

Establish your contact with real people except link building, so that you will get more benefit in future. Because such friends are more useful for a long time.


Make a loyal audience

If you have a good loyal audience, then give them more importance and always make them feel how much they important to you. And if not, then make such loyal audiences as soon as possible, who waiting for your new post always.


Share the contents of others

It is like the economical relationship of the Internet. Here you need to give something to get something. It may be a long game but at the end the results are very spectacular. Your followers will thank you a lot later for your little help and some others will also be waiting for your upcoming posts.


Take help of social media

You can bring a lot of traffic to your blog by sharing your contents on social media.


Always use real name on social media

Always use your real name in social media, this will keep the trust of the people in you and if you are chatting in a group, then only you can make contact with real people, so you can avoid spamming.


Tips no 5

Realize your audience

You have to understand the problem of your audience in the true sense and you will have to give solutions accordingly so that they can get a solution to their problems. By doing this, they believe on you and they will feel that you can help to get answers of all their questions and they will become a loyal audience. Along with this, you must need to know that your audience belongs to which category and what they want. According to the audience interested you need to Write contents.


Your contents should be according to your audience

If your contents are not able to fulfil the requirements of your audience, then there is no purpose to write such content. So you have to create relevant content for the relevant audience which help them.


Tips no 6

Keep personal contact with your audience

By keeping genuine contact with your audience, their trust will come on you even more as they will feel that you care about them and will help them when the time comes.


Email Personally to Some People

It is better than tweeting about someone that you personally email them, it will also be a little personal and no third person can see it. With this, the more you have the email of people, the more you will be able to send your new posts, so that promotion will happen automatically.


Generate leads

This is a very good way to convert your traffic into a subscriber. For this, you have to give them some value like some ebooks, software, tools etc., which you want to get in exchange for their email id. Which you can use later.


Send better email

Send better emails to influencers in your domain so that they are forced to take action because the subject of that email should be so that after reading that it seems that you are giving importance to their opinion.


Email your audience according to the contents and their interest

Distributed your audience segment-wise so that you will be able to send emails to them very easily. You can send them emails according to their interest, so that the right email will reach the right people.


Tips no 7 

Share with those who have already shared

Look for people who have already shared similar contents of your competitors. But the thing to note here is that always keep in mind that your content quality should be better than your competitor.


Only send your contents to specific targets

Your contents should be sent only to such a target who understands your contents, otherwise, it will go waste.


While sharing, definitely add context to it

Whenever you share the link of a post anywhere, then do not only share the link but also add a little contact about it, so that the viewer definitely gets a little idea about your post.


Tips no 8 

Make full use of social media

If you want to increase the reach of your post properly then you have to make full use of social media.


Pay attention to post timing

You have to watch the activeness time of your audience carefully. When are they more active and when are they less. When can they share your contents more?


Share blog post on many platforms

If you feel that your content should be read by more people, then you should share it on as many platforms as possible so that it can reach more and more people.


Republished your older content

If you feel that your content is evergreen and should be published again, then you can do it because by doing this many of your new subscribers get to know about these topics and with it, some of the existing subscribers who missed the post can read it again.


Use Pinterest to share your content

Many new bloggers are not using Pinterest because they do not know or unaware from capability of Pinterest. Many good bloggers find that having an official account on Pinterest is mandatory.


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