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Network marketing has become a very popular word in the field of business. In the present time, people have gained huge success by expanding their business in a very short time through network marketing.

In today's time, people associated with network marketing will easily find you, these people are making a lot of progress day by day through network marketing and are also making a lot of money. so today in this tutorial we are going see Important Information of network marketing. 


What is network marketing?

Through network marketing, a product is marketed by a group of people.

All the people working in this are connected to each other and development of all people is possible with each other's cooperation.

No person involved in network marketing can ever be successful alone, but only the work of his entire team can make him succeed in network marketing.

Network marketing works like pyramid. In this, a lot of people sell products of the same company. Whenever you sell in this pyramid, everyone above you will get its commission. On the other hand, if any one sell any product below you, then you will also be a shareholder in the commission. To earn more and more money in network marketing, people have to add themselves under it so that they sell the product and you earn money. They are also told to add more people.

In Network Marketing, your subscription becomes your business partner.

If you want to bring your own product to the market and reach it to the maximum number of people in a very short time, then you will have no better option than network marketing for this.

No one can do network marketing alone, it requires many people with the same mentality who work together with the same target, same mindset.


Network marketing business model

Network marketing is a business model in which growth of a business is relies on network of distributor.

In basically three type of systematic strategies to make money :-

  • Lead generation 
  •  Recruiting 
  •  Building and management

network marketing business


Type of network marketing

There are basically three type of network marketing:-

  • Single tier network marketing
  • 2 tier network marketing 
  • Multi level network marketing (MLM)


Single-tier network marketing

In single tier network marketing you can join for a affiliated program of a company to sell their product or services. in this type of network marketing you do not need to recruit any distributors and you can receive your payment directly from sales. 'Avon' is the most popular beauty company which use single tier network marketing.

Do you know that in some affiliated programs you can get payment for the traffic you drive to the website. The other example of single tier networking is pay-per-click (PPC) and pay-per-lead(PPL).


Two-tier network marketing

Two-tier network marketing is opposite of single tier network marketing, in two tier network marketing some recruiting are involved but your payment is not depend on it. In two tier network marketing you get payment for direct sale. Ken envoy's site sale is the example of two tier program.


Multi-level marketing (MLM)


multi level marketing (MLM) is marketing network which based on distribution that contain two or more tier. MLM has a leader under the plan within which people are connected, people who join it sell the company's product or service in the market. It is a network in which a person connects people within him and the people inside him Adds other people in this way, people are constantly connected and a chain is formed.


How to start network marketing?

You may face some difficulty in starting the network marketing work. Once it is started, there is no easy task in the field of marketing like network marketing.

To start your network marketing work, first of all you should do a lot of advertising of your work. For this, first get your website ready and keep updating every activity of your company on this website. Along with this, you can advertise your company through different social media platforms.

The more people get to know about your network market, the faster your business will start working, then gradually start spreading your network market by connecting people with your network market.


Advantage of network marketing

  • Set your own income

Actually, there are many sources of getting money in network marketing, your income is not fixed but you can earn more than expected. You can easily say that after coming to this sector, you can decide your salary yourself.


  • Work safe

If you are hardworking, then your employment is very safe. Because in network marketing, one can be successful only in those who rest less and work more. He walks with a target all the time. Which allows him to do more work in less time because success is not achieved very quickly but if good work is done continuously then you get such success that you do not have to do much.


  • Low cost and high profit

When you make a choice of network marketing, then there is a fixed fee, but after that you can earn more profit at a lower cost.


  • Freedom of time

If you work anywhere then you work under punctuality, but in network marketing, you can do anything at any time. You are completely free whenever you want to work and whenever you want to rest.


  • Open market

Whenever you do any work, you have to work while staying in one of your places, but in this sector you can work from anywhere in the world.


  •  Making relationship

This is an industry where you make relationship as much as possible.which not only benefits in your work but you have also done your personal development. You get an environment where you find many people who cooperate.


  • More respect

When you become successful in network marketing then you will not only get respect from your loved ones ,but you will be recognized as a leader in the eye of the world. People will follow you ,meaning you will get so much respect that even a leader or winner does not get.


Disadvantage of network marketing

  • Skill required 
  • Lose self esteem and relationship
  • Early Conflict and Very Low Success Rate 
  • Fraud company


How to choose a good network marketing company

The world of network marketing is very large at this time.

In this area you will find very fraudulent company which fraudulently connects people with their company and waste their money and time.

In such a situation, before joining any network marketing company, get a good information about them.


Before joining any network marketing company, keep these things in mind :-

  1. Must visit that company's website and its head office.
  2. The company is selling any product or service that should be unique, only then you should be join with that company.
  3. How long has that company been working in the field of network marketing?
  4. Who is the main owner of that company?
  5. For the manufacture of the product that the company is selling, it should have the appropriate unit and the company should also have the appropriate license issued by the Government of India to make that product.
  6. You should also have a thorough knowledge of the entire way the company works.


Top 5 network marketing books

  • your first year in network marketing

Author: mark yarnell and rene reid yarnell


  • GoPro

Author: Eric Worre


  • The business school

Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki


  • The business of 21st century

Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki


  • The four year career

Author: Richard Bliss Brooke



Network marketing is definitely the golden platform to start your business for people who have the courage to work hard and set up themselves, but due to financial constraints they fail to advance themselves in the field of business.

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