How to find stolen laptop or computer

AuthorHariom Prajapati

Pubish Date26 Jun 2022


Sometimes it happens to us that our laptop is lost or stolen by someone.

Whenever something like this happens to us, we get panic but actually we should also panic because the price of the laptop is very high which we cannot buy again and again.

So let's see today in this tutorial that whenever such an incident happens with you, then which steps should you take so that you can protect your laptop from any wrong deeds and not only that, but you also have a chance to get your valuable laptop back, but there is no guarantee of this.

I will now tell you some laptops setting that you need to do immediately after purchasing your laptop.


The most important setting of a laptop that you need to do immediately after buying a laptop -



Step 1- Click the start menu which at the left bottom corner of your laptop screen.


Step 2- Here you need to click on setting from left list.


Step 3- Now click on account option.


Step 4- Then select sign in option from the menu.


Step 5- Now you need to sign-in with your microsoft ID and password.

Note:- If you have no any Microsoft account then you need to create new account from Microsoft website.


After completion of sign-in process you need to change your password to a pin.

1) First of all follow above steps. 

2) After sign-in to microsoft account , click on add under PIN

3) Now enter a new pin in the both boxes, then click ok. Now you can use this Pin to sign-in into your Microsoft account or sign-in in to your computer/ laptop after power on.



Step 1- By using your keyboard press the windows key + x key at the same time.


Step 2- Now select setting option from left menu.


Step 3- Now select privacy option.


Step 4-Now you see location option in the left pane.


Step 5- After click on location you need to select 'change' from right .


Step 6- Turn on location services.



step 1- Click on window icon to open start menu from left bottom corner.


Step 2- Now click on setting.


Step 3- Select update & security.


Step 4- Select find my device.


Step 5 – click on 'change' (make sure that location service is turned on)


Step 6 – now switch to "save my device's location periodically" on.

now we discuss that how to use find my device to track a missing Windows 10 laptop


1) visit "" on any computer or laptop and select sign-in option.


2 ) sign-in with your Microsoft account name and password.


3) now select 'find my device'

Following the steps given above can help you in finding the missing laptop.

If you are unable to find your laptop through this process, then you will now have to follow the steps given below, for which you will have some trouble but it is most important for security.

Let me tell you that according to technology research firm crartner, someone's laptop is stolen every 53 seconds.


The Last and Important Way to Find Laptop

Step 1- When you come to know that your laptop has been stolen, immediately follow the above step and if there is no success from it, then you call the police without delay (number 101) or you go to a nearby police station to complain ( FIR). and if you suspect anyone, then share it with the police so that the police will also be easy to find your laptop.

Step 2- Now as soon as possible, you can logout any online session from any other computer on which you were logged in from a lost laptop so that no one can misuse it.

Step 3- In step 3 you will have to login to your Microsoft account from another laptop and there you need to go to the device section and delete all the files of your stolen laptop. But this can happen only if your stolen laptop Also be connected to the internet. We tell you that there is very little chance of it because whoever steals your laptop deletes the Microsoft account from your laptop or does not have any internet connection in the computer ,so that you do not get any achievement in deleting your files or tracking your computer.

Step 4- Now you will need to keep FIR copy and all the information related to your laptop like serial number, model number ready.

Step 5- When you have all the details, then you call your laptop company's service center and tell them about your stolen laptop, then they will ask you the information of the laptop such as the owner's name serial number, then you will also have to tell that in the police Has got an FIR registered, After telling this much, he will ask you the number of your FIR and after you tell him the FIR number, he will immediately or in a few hours give you the MAC address of the stolen laptop.

Step 6- Now you will give a copy of your 'FIR' and 'MAC address' information to the nearest police station or cyber cell police station and then they will try to track the laptop in their own way, but maybe you need to pay some money for track it but we will say again that there is no guarantee that you will get the laptop but it will safe you when anyone misuses your laptop.

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