What is blog and how to start blog

AuthorHariom Prajapati

Pubish Date17 Jun 2022


Do you know what is blog? If not, then you have come to the right place because on this article we have shared all the information about what is a blog, what is its purpose and how different it is from a website. 


What is blog?

Blog is an online platform where bloggers regularly share information related to any topic in the form of blog posts, this blog post is in the form of text, image, videos and GIFs etc.

All blog posts in the blog are in reverse chronological order.

All blog posts have date and author information.

Blogs can be created both publicly and privately.

Anyone can view blog information in a public blog, while permission is required to read private blog information.

Today, there is 570 million blogs on the Internet, of which 31.7 million blogs has been created by users of America only.


History of blog

After the advent of the internet in the 19th century, people started sharing personal information etc., which was called weblog, in which other people could comment and share.

After some time, people started understanding weblog and then people started sharing information online.

There was an option to comment on the weblog, so that others would ask questions or give their opinion, as well as there was also an option to share the weblog with each other, due to which weblog become very popular.

After some time people started calling weblog as a blog and today we know it as a blog.

Google created a blogger platform in 2003 by understanding the importance of a blog, which made making the blog very easy and cheap.

In the same year in 2003, the blogging platform named WordPress came into the market which was very useful in making blogs and easier to run. Today 80% of blog on the internet on the WordPress platform.


Purpose of blog

There is much different reason for starting a blog.

Some people create a blog to share personal information with people.

Companies create blogs to share the information of their product or services to more people because the more people understand the information, the more sales come.

Some bloggers share information on a niche and monetize the blog through AdSense, affiliate marketing etc. and make a blog to earn money.


Structure of blog

According to the time, the design of the blog is changing and it is similar to the website.

The following things are definitely seen in all blog - 

  • Header
  • Menu
  • Sidebar
  • Footer
  • Content area 


Difference between website and blog

Regular new information is shared in the blog due to which new pages are created in it.

For example, In a recipes blog in which new recipes are shared regularly or in the blog of a company in which new news of the company shares regularly.

The website is static once it is ready,  new pages are not created in it.

The other difference between the website and the blog is that you can comment on the blog but there is no option to comment on the website.


What is blogging?

The entire process of creating a blog, publish articles on the blog, share articles or ranking a blog on the search engine is called blogging.


Why is blogging so popular?

Due to the increasing use of the internet, almost everything are happening online, so there is a great need for online information, which is natural to use blogging to fulfil.

Blogging has become very useful for a normal person to big companies, so it is becoming more popular day by day.

You can use a blog to sell any product or service.

If you do not have any product or service then you can still make money by creating blogs through Affiliate Marketing and Google AdSense etc.

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