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The dream of 5G in India is going to be fulfilled soon. The government has given permission to start a trial of 5G technology in India. Telecom companies were demanding this for a long time. Let us tell you that two years ago, during the Indian Mobile Congress held in Delhi, the government had given permission for its trial within only in a specific area. But now this trial will be everywhere from villages to cities. Now you must be thinking that what is 5G? And how is this going to affect our lives? How is the Internet world going to change with this? Is it dangerous to health? We find answers to many such questions, which are discussed in this article.


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Trial of 5G in India

The government has given permission for the trial of 5G technology of high-speed internet. Telecom Ministry Secretary Anshu Prakash told The Indian Express that such trials are very important. Because of these, the gap between the 5G auction and starting their service is reduced. Earlier there were trials only after spectrum auction but this time we are doing it first, so that 5G will reach the common people soon.


Where will the 5G trials be held?

All telecom company will have to trial 5G in all types of areas, means every company will have to trial 5G technology at village, town and city level. For this, companies will do their technical setup at the trial place.


2 months have been given to install 5G equipment across the country. The Ministry of Communications has said in a statement that telecom companies have been given 6 months for the trial of 5G. At the time of trial also it will be started as a commercial service. However, its access will be limited to some 5G devices only. All the data related to 5G will be stored in a server located in India.


Which companies are testing 5G?

Bharti Airtel, Reliance Jio, Vodafone Idea and MTNL have applied for 5G trials in the country. Only these telecom companies will participate in the trials. These companies have tied up with companies like Nokia, Samsung and C. Dot for 5G equipment.


Is any Chinese company involved in this?

Due to bad relations with China, two big Chinese companies are away from this trial. One company name is Huawei and the other is ZTE. It is the largest telecom equipment manufacturer in the world.No telecom company has signed a contract with these companies for trial. It is believed that the government wants to keep China away from this trial, that is why the companies have taken such a step. However, the Telecom Department saying that no telecom company has expressed any desire to use the equipment of Huawei and ZTE. So there is no question of refusing it.


How does 5G affect the speed of the internet?

In a word, 5G means faster internet speed. About 100 times faster than 4G. And when the wireless internet becomes faster, things will not be limited to just watching videos on YouTube or Netflix. Things like autonomous vehicles, virtual reality and the Internet of Things will also become common. Meaning that things like a self-driving car, smart home etc. will also become easier. All this technology is either ready or in its final stages.


We may have found 4G technology to be fast but technically it is not that fast. Sometimes you must have also felt that while talking on a video call, the voice and video gets spoiled. This happens due to the latency or late reaction of the internet. Think about it, what if such a command is being given to a car through the Internet? A delay of even a few seconds in the command can be life-threatening. There are many such works for which better and faster internet is needed. 5G will make this dream come true.


Is separate tower will be set up for 5G?

5G technology is next stage technology. For this, telecom companies will have to install 5G antennas and towers across the country. High-frequency radio web will be used for 5G network, which was not there in 4G 3G earlier.


The only problem with high-frequency radio waves is that high-frequency radio waves can send data fast without loss, but these waves cannot travel very far. There is a lot of difficulty in crossing the building and other obstacles on the way, sometimes rain-type things can also prevent them from going forward. Now the solution is to install more towers at a shorter distance. 5G towers will be smaller and more close than 4G towers. Where one 4G tower used to work, up to 10 5G towers can be installed. However, the number of towers will depend on the location and the number of users.


More towers means more waves, is 5G harmful to the body?

Ever since wireless technology has come, there has been confusion among people about it. Recently a claim was being made that due to 5G if anyone touches anything then they feel current, which is absolutely wrong.


We can divide radiation into two parts so that we know which radiation is safe and which is harmful.

  1. ionizing
  2. Non-ionizing


Ionizing radiation is one in which the intensity of the waves is very high. For example, ultraviolet waves such as x-rays and gamma rays. It can harm the body. This damaged the body's cells and DNA. That is why it is said that do not get X-ray done again and again. Even sitting in sunlight for a long time is also harmful.


In non-ionisation radiation, the wavelength or intensity of the waves is very less. These waves do not have enough strength to react with the body. For example, medium web of radio, soft waves and FM waves. Similar waves are used in TV signals, cell phone 4G and 5G technology. The American Cancer Society has found in their many year's studies that radio waves not having any bad effect on humans.


How much will the 5G data pack cost in India?

It will be a bit difficult and hasty to guess this now. But people who connected with this industry told that there is already a lot of competition for internet data in India, so it will not be much more expensive than 4G. If we look around us, then China is the only country that has started commercial 5G service. According to the news of Global Times, at the time of the introduction of 5G, the price of 30GB data pack was around ₹1500, now this price has come down even more.

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