Build pc with respberry pi

AuthorHariom Prajapati

Pubish Date18 Jun 2022


In this tutorial, we will see that the best PC computer in maximum price of 6000 to 7000 in which we can do programming, gaming, watching video, audio ,browsing and almost all education and office related work very easily.




You need to buy mouse from online or offline store. Price of mouse is rs 100 to rs 200 approximately.


You need to buy mouse from online or offline store. Price of mouse is under rs 200 to rs 400 approximately.\


Respberry pi

This a affordable CPU . It have processor,RAM, wifi, Bluetooth hardwares which always inside any pc or laptop. The price of respberry pi is under rs 2800 to rs 3000 approximately.


Memory card

You need minimum 16gb memory card which using like ROM (hard drive). The price of memory card under rs 150 to rs 400.

memory card

respberry pi case

It is not mandatory but it provides your respberry pi better look and protection.



Need a monitor which use to see what operations running inside respberry pi. The price of monitor is under rs 1500 to rs 3000 monitor.



It is a cable which need to connect your respberry pi to your monitor. The price of this is under rs 150 to rs 350 approximately.


Adapter with usb cable (+5.1v/2.5A)

It is a charger with cable (mobile charger) which use to give power to respberry pi. You can use your mobile charger (+5v / 2.5A).



How to build pc using above hardwares:-

Step 1: OS installation

  1. Connect your memory card with any laptop or computer using card reader .
  2. Download OS file from respberry pi official website. click here for Download
  3. After downloading OS file burn the dowloaded image to memory card using any free burning tool . click here for Download
  4. After this check that all file are there in the Memory card.And then put memory card inside respberry pi.


Step 2: Connect mouse and keyboard

Now plug mouse and keyboard to usb port of respberry pi.


Step 3: Power to respberry pi

You need to give power to respberry pi , so connect your mobile charge to respberry pi and ensure that red light is turned on.


Step 4: Connect HDMI cable

Now connect HDMI cable between respberry pi and monitor.


Step 5: Give power to the monitor.

Now give power to the monitor and then power on respberry pi.


Follow all the above step properly and then you can use your desktop computer.

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