What is server and types of server

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What is server? If you are in the field of Computer technology, then you must have complete knowledge about server.

You may heared many new words about server many times like web server, proxy server, server down, data server, client server etc.

In this tutorial, we will know what the server is and all the information related to the server.

Server seems to be a technical term and everyone think that it is very technical and difficult but in the reality it is very easy to understand.


What is server?

In the world of computer, a server is a device of software or hardware which accept and response to request on the network.

In easy language, server is a device in which data is stored and the user can access these data using network device such as internet, Wi-Fi, router etc.

Basically, server provides data to the users according to needs. The main function of the server is to send the requested data to the users.


The server can provide more functionality to the users excepts providing data, such as sharing data to multiple users simultaneously, performing any task for user etc.

What is client-server model?

Client-server model is an architecture of request and response in which users send request to the server and then server response to the users.

Client-server model is very easy to understand because it is very simple model.


The client-server model may have one or more servers, which allowing users to connect with different devices.

When any users requires any information or data, then they send a request for that data from his device to server through the internet.

When the users request comes to the server then the server checks it in its database, if the server found the information requested by the users then the server sends the data to the users.

Types of server

The server is really a big topic and there are many different type according to its function.

So let us know in detail about the types of server -

a) Application server

Application server is a types of server which is used to develop an application or run the application.

The application server provides an environment for creating web application and also provide business logic.


b) Web server

The main function of a web server is to deliver webpages from the server to the user with the help of HTTP ( hypertext transfer protocol ).

All the data we see on the internet is set on the web server and whenever we do some search in the internet browser, the result we see is visible from the web server.


c) Proxy server

Proxy server is a types of server which act as a gateway between the internet and the user, This server is typically used to control the network complex between the internet and the user.

This server act as a mediator for data caching, network connection sharing, network data filtering between user applications and external server.


d) Database server

It is similar to a data warehouse because it is stored data. It uses a database application software which provides service of database to other computer programs that requested by client.


e) FTP server

The full form of FTP is file transfer protocol server.

It is a file transfer server using which we can transfer file online through the internet.

When a user request for any webpage from a web server in a web browser, then that browser first use the FTP protocol.


f) Game server

This server allows gaming device and computer to play multiplayer video games.

Pubg mobile is a multiplayer game which based on this server.


g) Media server

Media server is used to share the digital video / digital audio through the network.

Using this server, media users can listen, watch and download video/audio from their device.

Media server is also called audio-video server in which service like multimedia streaming is provided.


h) Mail server

This server is used to send and receive messages. When a user send an email to another user then the email server send the message with the help of SMTP protocol.


Here SMTP is a simple message transfer protocol.

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