How to speedup your laptop or computer in 2021

AuthorHariom Prajapati

Pubish Date26 Jun 2022


Often you must have noticed that initially when you buy a new laptop or computer, the system runs very fast and runs smooth, but after using it for some time, the computer or the laptop becomes slow and it starts to hang. Have thought why the computer hangs, what is the reason behind it, let us tell you today some such great computer tips and tricks that you can make your laptop system superfast.

Let us see how to do computer fast and how to fix hang problem in computer.

See, whether it is a computer or a laptop, there is not a single reason behind its slowing down, but there can be many reasons, such as the process in your computer is not good, that is, it may be old or it may not have good RAM. Then it can also happen that the settings in your own PC are not done well or have not been optimized.

First of all, let us know what is the reason for hanging laptop and computer, then after that how to make laptop and computer fast.

Computer hang problems

Low computer RAM: You will know that RAM is a very important thing in the system, every time you open the software or app, it is loaded in RAM, so if your computer or laptop has less RAM then due to overloading, the system starts lagging.

Installed heavy software: If the processor in your computer or laptop is not good, it is outdated and you are installing heavy software in your system which your system cannot tolerate, then the system starts hanging.

Incase virus is appear in computer: If your system hang and slow, one of the reasons behind this is appearance of virus in your system.

Installed old driver in your system: There are many people who do not update the driver in their PC in any way, so having an outdated driver often hangs the system.

No space in hard disk: Some people do not partition the hard disk in their system or even if they do, they leave very little storage for the C drive and the computer hangs even if the storage is not empty.

Window corruption: Windows 8 will be installed in your system or window 10 and you must have seen that sometimes the window also gets spoiled due to which the laptop hangs many times.

How to speedup computer or laptop

Step 1: disable startup programs

when you turn on the Windows laptop, there are some apps that start as soon as the system is turned on and run in the background which uses ram and this is why your computer is slowed down. And if the system starts hanging, then you can close this app, which you do not use at all, or if you feel that you do not need.

So you need to follow these step

  1. Press " ctrl + alt + delete " button together
  2. Now click on task manager
  3. Click on startup
  4. Now select app and right click on it and then click on disable.

Step 3: Unlink window one drive

 If you use Window Ten, then this OneDrive app will already be installed in your laptop free of charge, this app basically makes a backup of your document. By the way, very few people use it, you will have to unlink the account that is in sync, because of not being in sync it will not transfer the data and to a large extent there is a reason behind the system hanging, so it is better to unlink it. If it is, then adopt this step.

Step 3: dissable animation and visual effect

Do you know that any animations you get to see in a window computer or have visual effects or graphics, you can reduce them or turn them off, then suppose you have reduced the graphics then your computer processing power will be less and the apps will be load fast so that your computer will be fast.

So you need to follow these step

  1. go to "control panel"
  2. click on "advanced system"
  3. click on "setting" in advance option
  4. click on "visual effect" option and then "unselect" below option.
  5. now click on "OK"

 Step 4: Remove virus from system.

There is a reason behind the computer being slow or hanging. If there is any kind of virus in your laptop, then you should remove it as soon as possible. you can use antivirus software for remove virus.

Step 3: Disk cleanup

If the system runs or hangs, then you must do disk cleanup in between. This is a software that comes preinstalled in your system, which you get in Microsoft Windows. This software is remove useless thing such as temp data ,cache file. using which do nothing to your system and it is beneficial for your system.

So you need to follow these step

  1. go to run using "win + run" and search "disk cleanup" and open this
  2. and then select "C drive" and click on "ok"
  3. now select all "file to delete" and click on "ok"

Step 6: Keep space in C drive

Some time yours systems C drive was no space and these show in red color which is not good for your system so, you need to keep your C drive space more and more.

Step 7: Delete all useless software

There will be many such software in your computer which you do not use at all, which is useless, then it is better to delete them all and it starts to hang the system even by installing too much software, so by deleting them you can make your laptop fast.

Step 8: Reset your computer

If your system hangs even after following all the steps given above, the only way left is to either install a new window or reset your computer. Resetting deletes the data and your desktop or laptop will be the same as your system comes in new and this will solve the problem of lagging your system.

So you need to follow these step

  1. Go to run using "win + run" and search "setting" and open this
  2. Now click on "system"
  3. Then click on "update & security"
  4. Click on "recovery"
  5. Click on "get started" in "reset this PC"
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